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At LA PIZZICA our aim is to make you feel at home – our home. We try our best to create the atmosphere you would get from visiting our homeland: SALENTO. This includes the food and wine of course, but hopefully also our natural hospitality and sensible pricing.

For this reason, we take great effort to source the finest food and wines that represent not just the rich gastronomic culture of Italy, but in particular the land between the two seas at the heel of the Italian boot. This is the Salentina peninsula, or Salentu in our dialect

For example is our melt-in-your-mouth Burrata cheese which is delivered directly from the heart of Puglia to London. Next is our Tagliere Contadino which is a combination of specially selected dry cured meats and mature cheeses. Imagine a board of this served with freshly made hot Focaccia Pugliese. It makes it hard to hard to move onto the mains.

When you get there, our ‘Heritage’ dishes await you. These include Ciciri e tria, Orecchiette con cime de rape, Bombette Martina Franca, Purpu a Pignata, Pacceri Mare e Monti and finally the stunning Spaghettone Cavalieri. Again, it’s the same idea: simple ingredients cooked unfussily, and served happily.

Next, we have our Puglian wines. Think Primitivo, Malvaisa, Negromaro. Our inky, deep purple warming reds and the fragrant nosey white all have tasty flavours meaning the regional uniqueness stays with you long after you’ve left the restaurant.

We also try to share this beyond the restaurant with our bespoke Catering and Event services.Offering top-quality food and service at a very fair price. For this same reason, we specialise in group bookings at our venue. A private late-licensed room without hire charge, a quality PA system and special offers on set menus makes our venue perfect for receptions, birthday parities or that annual office party. This has helped us host lots of children’s birthday parties too. Again, a safe environment for the little ones, delicious food and no cleaning up makes it easy for you.

We allow ourselves a small celebration every year. This comes on on the 11th of November when we host San Martino Festa. A traditional food, music and most importantly ‘new wine’ festival from Puglia. We have live music from a Salento band, food to fill every appetite and dancing to see in the early hours. Everyone is welcome to feel the Mediterranean in autumny London

Through all of this, we hope you leave feeling satisfied with our genuine cooking, natural hospitality and sensible pricing. If not tell us, we’ll get it fixed.

LA PIZZICA started out as small local place with a big heart. Since then we have always tried, each and every day, from the moment we open early in the morning to when we close late night, to improve a bit more. And so far, thanks to our fantastic customers and our dedicated team, we are on the right road.

So grazie for your love and buon appetito for your next meal!

Rocco, Gianluca & Ivan D’Aversa