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 AT LA Pizzica OUR AIM IS TO MAKE YOU FEEL AT HOME! We try our best to create the atmosphere you would sense visiting the piece of land where WE ARE FROM: SALENTO.

We make a great effort to source THE FINEST FOOD AND WINES which typically represent in the best way  THE ENOGASTRONOMIC CULTURE OF ITALY, and in Particular of the land between the two seas, THE “HEEL” OF THE ITALIAN “BOOT”, the peninsula Salentina.

At la pizzica our passion is hospitality. We have tried since our first day to make you feel in your own dining room. With our finest quality meal, we aim to “chaperone” you through the Genuine South-Italian Experience…

BURRATA cheese, duly delivered directly from the heart of Apulia, with our renowned selection of dry cured meat and mature cheeses, our freshly made Focaccia Pugliese to complement your Warm Wine, Lu “Niurumaru” E La Malvasia Nera Di Lecce…LA CICIRI E TRIA E LE PURPETTE, FAVE E CECORE E LU PURPU, LE ORECCHIETTE CULLE CIME DE RAPE E LE MELANZANE A FUNGITIELLO…..
We try to export this outside our four walls with our bespoke Catering and Event services with our top quality food and service at a very fair price.

We are proud to have fed the guests of many professionals and not : from Art Galleries to Universities, from Furniture or Ferrari showrooms to Baptisms and Weddings, or also many of our Customers’ Little Toddler’s friends.

La Pizzica has started as a very little local place with a big heart, but we have always tried, each and every day, from the moment we open early in the morning to the moment in the night that we shut the doors, to improve a bit more. And so far, thanks to our fantastic customers, huge for loyalty as much as affection, we have begun the fair path…



Rocco, Gianluca e Ivan D’Aversa


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